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In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation which is unfolding on a daily basis. The ERA-EDTA is wholly committed to providing its members with up-to-date information and resources pertaining to this global pandemic. We have set up a dedicated webpage: Covid-19 News and Information.

Every country has been affected to a greater or less degree, at this present time, and it would be of enormous value to our community if we could easily share experience and practice. Ultimately, this would undoubtedly benefit our patients.

With this in mind, we ask that you provide information regarding the situation within your country. This may include, for example, numbers of affected dialysis and transplant patients, episodes of AKI attributable to COVID-19, management and treatment strategies as well as general comments. The wealth of knowledge that can be gained from the experience of others should never be underestimated and we very much hope that you will support this initiative.

Signed by

C. Zoccali (ERA-EDTA President)

C. Wanner (ERA-EDTA President-Elect)



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