Palaikomasis ir konservatyvus inkstų gydymas ir priežiūra

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ISN neseniai išleido naują mokymo programą,kuria kviečia dalintis su savo Asociacijos nariais.

Mokymo programa ISN akademijoje (virtuali): Palaikomasis ir konservatyvus inkstų gydymas ir priežiūra.

Dear members of the Eastern & Central Europe Regional Board,


The ISN endorses kidney supportive care (KSC) and conservative kidney management (CKM) as core components of integrated kidney care.


To this end, the ISN has recently released a new curriculum and paper in Kidney International, which we invite Regional Board members to utilize and share among your networks.



As the central aspect of CKM, the curriculum promotes KSC for advanced kidney disease. Available free of charge for all, the curriculum guides participants through CKM and KSC essentials, emphasizing practical care and a multidisciplinary approach.


The syllabus also addresses global challenges, including resource constraints, capacity building, and advocacy in low- and middle-income countries.



Best regards,

Dominique Tudor and Silvia Salaro

Silvia Salaro

Executive Affairs Coordinator



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